About the Congress

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Congress has been planned as an event that will be held in a hybrid formula. Bilingual streaming of the Congress will be broadcast on a channel dedicated to this event.

The main objective of the Congress is an active discussion and exchange of experience in the field of activities for Just Transition, solutions supporting the energy transition along with the development of renewable energy sources and scenarios for guaranteeing energy security.

The current geopolitical situation is characterized by multidimensionality typical of a global conflict. The conflict is taking place on a wide variety of levels, it is causing destabilization of all strategic directions of states, but also threatens the country’s energy security. The key threat factors to Poland’s energy security are identified in raw material markets outside our borders and are reflected in the rapidly rising prices of coal, natural gas and crude oil, as well as the limited supply of these raw materials in the markets.

During the Congress there will be an opportunity not only to discuss the need to redefine the country’s energy policy in the context of reducing dependence on imported raw materials, the use of natural gas as an interim fuel, as well as to present and accelerate the implementation of a number of solutions from the border of conventional energy and renewable energy sources, which will allow to increase energy stability and improve the flexibility of the national power system. The congress will be a very good opportunity to exchange experiences of European countries related to the measures taken to ensure energy security and reduce the rate of dependence on imports of energy resources.

The process associated with decarbonization has already begun, and many actions cannot be undone, but using the Just Transition funds and mechanisms, we should discuss programs and solutions to support the energy transition and the development of renewable energy sources through the development and implementation of systemic solutions using post-mining areas unattractive from the point of view of industrial and service activities for the efficient and economically justified integration of distributed energy into the power system.